Yorkshire based children's physiotherapy & occupational therapy. Child Development Through Fun & Play

At Flying Start we feel that children's therapy should be fun. We will work with you to guide and create achievable goals for objectives you and your child want to work towards. We will work with you to develop fun activities that will allow your child to flourish. We will see you in your own home, their nursery or school and have all the tools we need to effectively work with you and your child.

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Children's physiotherapy works on the gross motor function of a child - building on skills and available movements to develop as much as possible. At Flying Start we use highly skilled assessment leading to individualised activity programmes and advice to ensure a child reaches their full potential. Physiotherapists are also able to measure and advise on maintaining body symmetry & posture.

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Occupational Therapy

Many Physio & OT assessments and treatments overlap, however each have unique roles. The occupational therapist at Flying Start can provide assessment for fine motor skills, visual perception and sensory processing and give advice to improve a child's functional independence with activities of daily living. We can also advise on the equipment and home needs of a child to maximise function.

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Bobath Therapists

The Bobath approach was developed for children with cerebral palsy. However it is highly applicable to all children with neuro-developmental conditions and delay. Bobath therapists use highly specialised assessment and treatment skills to influence muscle tone and abnormal patterns of movement to maximise a child's functional ability. All children's therapists at Flying Start are accredited Bobath practitioners.


Are you worried or concerned about your child's development, awaiting appointments within the NHS, or have not yet discussed any concerns with a health professional? We are happy to talk! Contact us for a free consultation, and we will discuss whether we feel you should visit your GP or indeed benefit from our care.